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Nourishment of mind, body & soul Retreat

journey of the senses

Come experience the warmth and hospitality of Indian people, interact and dine with family members.  Witness the simplicity of village life and soak up the love, care and smiles of the people who live there.  Volunteer at a school and become one with kids as we paint their classrooms and play with them their favorite games.  Try your hand at making traditional pots from special mud.  Find joy and comfort of being up close with elephants as they frolic and bathe.  If you love how Indian women dress in sarees and dance, then experience that for yourself.  Learn how to drape and wear a saree with grace and beauty, feeling the softness, and richness of the colors of the traditional fabric on your skin.  Open your senses of taste and smell through spices and cuisine and come away with the knowledge of different spices.  Learn to cook some basic Indian dishes.  This is not all, travel like locals, take a train trip to Agra and visit one of the seven wonders of the world.  A trip to Taj Mahal will leave you in awe and wander of this magnificent and majestic monument.  All the activities are designed with YOU in mind, to allow you to explore your inner sense of wonder, freedom to dance, play & laugh.  And experience that deeper sense of joy & awakening.    


Elephants have been worshiped in India for centuries and are considered sacred animals and represents Ganesh, the elephant headed deity.  They are revered not only because of the unique characteristics---divine knowledge, wisdom & royal power.  In Indian society, elephants are believed to bring good luck & prosperity.  Ganesh is the god of success & destroyer of obstacles and evils.

Spend an evening with elephants.  You will have a special opportunity to feed and ride these stunning animals through a small village.



We’ll learn the art of the traditional Indian sari style dress and have a fun evening learning traditional dance moves!  You will get a chance to buy a sari of your choice and get a blouse stitched by a tailor to your measurement.  Learn the intricate process of draping a sari, requiring deft handling of four meters or 13 feet of fabric.

Mehndi is a ceremonial art form which originated in the ancient Indian subcontinent. It is typically applied during Hindu weddings - for brides and during Hindu festivals.  According to Vedic customs it represents, 'awakening the inner light'.  You will have a chance to decorate your hands with one of many intricate Henna designs by local artists.

Come and experience the joys of connecting to self and others through Henna painting, saree draping, volunteering at a school, playing games etc



A trip to India is not complete until you have had a chance to taste and take in the aromas of  different spices of Indian cuisine.  Unravel the secrets of cooking with spices.  Indian food is among the leading cuisines in the world.  It is diverse, delicious and not as difficult as you think.  You will learn how to make masala chai, some simple snacks and finger foods along with Indian bread and a curry dish.


At the end of the day, in the evenings sit under the stars around the campfire and relive your day.  A place where we will gather around telling and hearing stories of all that you experienced that day.  


For Indians,  fire (Agni) represents divine energy and is considered to be sacred.  It is part of many rituals and ceremonies for example during birth, prayers, weddings and at death.  


In stillness, witness its sacredness, allowing it to light up the  fire within you, the fire of your deep desires and yearnings of who you are.   A place where we will strengthen not only our bond to each other but to ourselves. 

"Yours Again" Vows

Vows renewed in India can be a dream come true event.  Indian weddings are a lot of fun, frolic, celebrations, rituals and holy ceremonies.


Marriage holds a very sacred place in Indian society and renewing your vows is something that will stay with you forever!  

The Hindu wedding ceremony at its core is essentially a Vedic ritual. The primary witness is the fire deity (Agni), where seven steps & vows are completed by the bride and the groom.

Traditional wedding songs: beautifully decorated Ganesh Abode; chanting of 'shlokas' (lines) from the Vedas around the sacred fire, will all be part of  the celebration.


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